Diana DiZoglio

Diana DiZoglio's March Across Massachusetts

Diana DiZoglio is walking across the entire state of Massachusetts, with a goal of raising $1,000 per mile for the Methuen Youth and Community Center! Every dollar goes towards this capital campaign. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Our mission is to create a cohesive program for youth (ages 12-25) that builds knowledge, skills, and resources that adequately prepares young people for a fulfilling future beyond school.

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A race progression, through multiple scenes, from start to finish line

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raised of $159,000 goal

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  • Dennis & Marilyn McCarthy
  • Christina Covino
  • Tricia Powers
  • Bill Greilich
  • Chenghua She
  • Lauren Rosenbaum
  • Rachel Voiland
  • Jack Rummel
  • Maureen Pollard
  • Barbara Donaghue
  • Tim Guyotte
  • Jonathan Butler
  • The Paleologas
  • Ivan Elias
  • Bud Jackson
  • David Tibbetts
  • Chilezie Nnadi
  • Ralph Prolman
  • Frank Cann
  • Ed Johnson
  • Catherine Marie DeBurro
  • Mary Jacobsen
  • Bob Armstrong
  • Neil Perry
  • Andrew Firmin
  • Jonathan Campbell
  • Kathleen Hayes
  • Lauren Rosenbaum
  • Rachel Voiland
  • Edward Mckinnon
  • Jack Rummel
  • Maureen Pollard
  • WSH Appliance Service
  • Michelle Bibeau
  • Christopher Casey
  • Jana DiNatale
  • Raymond & Yvonne Paplaskas
  • Bill Taylor
  • Anthony Corrado
  • Andrea Egmont
  • Matthew Juros
  • Neil Rosenberg
  • Elecia Miller
  • Pilar Quintana
  • Tiffany Learned
  • Todd MacFadden
  • Don Jarvis
  • Henry Michael Smolak

To sponsor a mile, simply donate $1,000 or more. If you would like to choose the specific mile you are sponsoring, please leave that in the note of your donation.

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