Fall 2019

  • After speaking to the Senate, Senator DiZoglio got passed $200,000 in earmarked funds for the creation of a youth innovation program

Spring 2020

  • Senator DiZoglio secured the $200,000 in state funding toward a Youth Innovation Project in Methuen.
  • Funds were allocated to Inspirational Ones, as a local non profit, in collaboration with Methuen Public Schools and other community partners

Summer 2020

  • Development of Youth Innovation Program for Merrimack Valley begins
  • Creation of Youth Advisory Council
  • Community Youth Survey developed, sent out and results gathered
  • Youth Advisory Council partake in national research study with Ellen Galinsky
  • Creation of community awareness and partnerships
  • Senator DiZoglio secured through the Senate’s General Governmental Infrastructure Bond Bill $1,000,000 to Inspirational Ones, Inc. to reinvest in the community by continuing development of the Methuen Youth Innovation Project

Fall 2020

  • Hire Executive Director for program
  • Youth Advisory Council leadership retreat
  • Recruit for youth to participate in programming
  • Implement Mastering Soft Skills program based on survey results
  • Begin offering Nutrition/Cooking classes 
  • Begin Offering “Home Ec” type program
  • Film2Future presentation to Youth Advisory Council
  • Senator DiZoglio hosting March Across Massachusetts fundraiser for Youth Innovation Program

Winter 2020/21

  • Youth Advisory Council leading the programming creation
  • Continue development and implementation of programming for youth
  • Create evaluation (using Weikart: https://forumfyi.org/work/the-weikart-center/)
  • Assess and adapt accordingly 
  • Host Youth Skill Development Workshops
  • Recruit for additional youth to participate in programming

Spring 2021

  • Partner with schools for Youth Asset Survey (Middle School) (Youth Advisory Council to use findings to identify areas of need and help develop programs and a 2 year work plan)
  • Host Career Fair for High School
  • Begin creating a pool of possible apprenticeship partners for youth to participate in
  • Continue development and implementation of programming for youth

Summer 2021

  • Enrichment/Life Skills Programming (Middle School)
  • Summer Jobs Program (High School)
  • Plan and begin matches for apprenticeships (High School)
  • Continue development and implementation of programming for youth